Band Camp Reminders (7/26/19)

Summer Band is around the corner and we are looking forward to a great start to an amazing year!  You will receive a Weekly Email from me on Sunday with details on what to expect each week, announcements, obligation dues, school info, etc.  Please have all of your materials and a great attitude so you will have a fun and successful week.  Here is some quick reminders:

 - In any band program you must be early to be on time.  What that means is to arrive early to put your instrument away and be seated in band hall 1 on time.  We will begin with a meeting that starts exactly at 8am.  Do not be late.

 - Physicals must be completed and handed in Monday morning as a state mandate

 - Required materials: instrument or equipment, all music, binder with clear plastic sheets, flip folder, filled 1/2 gallon waterjug - red in color preferred, pencil, cap, sunglasses, sun block, white tshirt (can have a logo, but body of shirt must be white). Please no gray, tan, used to be white, almost white, etc., it must be a white shirt. Athletic shorts - school appropriate, low cut heal athletic shoes, yoga mat or towel (for workouts), sack lunch or drivers can go offsite for lunch this year (do not be late upon return). Lastly, we will use a phone app to learn marching drill.  Please download UDB app on your phone.  This will help each person know where to go on the marching field.  We will go over signing in on the app at camp.

 - Registration for school on Make Up Day. This day is to register all band members for school on Thursday, August 8th.  We will start in the band hall at 7:45am (this is a different time than last e-mailed). Please dress for your school photo to be taken.  Once you have completed your registration, we will all return to camp, so please have your change of clothes (white shirt, athletic shorts, athletic shoes, etc) and materials with you in the morning.  Here is what will happen at make up day:

On Make-up Day (Thursday, 8/8/2019), Band reports together to the MPC at 8:00am to do the following:

  • Pick up their schedules.

  • Address pending Fine balances.

  • Take a Lifetouch photo, which is used for the Yearbook, so kids should dress accordingly.

  • Purchase WC items (t-shirts, warm-ups, etc.) from a variety of organizations (purchases are optional).

  • Campus ID is issued: if they are in grades 10-12, they must present their campus ID. If 10th-12th students do not present an ID, they are required to take a photo (cost:$5.00). Freshman get a campus ID, free of charge.

  • Pick up their textbooks.

  • 11th-12th grade get their Parking Permits.

Stay tuned to the Weekly E-mail and we will see you real soon Charger Band!