Band Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Cuttime is new, what do i do?


  1. If you have received your invitation from CutTime, please follow the instructions and login
  2. Once logged in, please assure all information is correct; phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses.  Please do this for your Child, as well as, the parents of the band student.
  3. At this time, only Student and Parent information is up to date.  Look for updates in the future which will include Financial obligations and also, Volunteer opportunities.
  4. Login regularly to assure you are up to date!

    Q: How do i know what's happening with the band?


    1. The homepage of the website keeps an up-to-date list of upcoming events.  
    2. Mr. Ruiz sends out a weekly schedule.
    3. Google calendar: use your browser (public URL) or from an application using iCal: 

    Q: How do I get BPA remind notifications


    1. Sign-up at using code
      1. @wcbpa - WC BPA 
      2. @wcguar - WC Color Guard 
    2. Download the app.
    3. or, follow the steps on the Remind-101 page

    Q: What does a student need for Summer band?


    1. Water jug with name
    2. 1-inch, 3-ring binder
    3. Sheet protectors
    4. Sidewalk chalk
    5. Sunblock (30 spf or more)
    6. Tennis shoes
    7. Hat
    8. Sunglasses
    9. Flip folder for stand tunes

    Q: How do I clean the uniform?


    1. Please do NOT take the uniform apart.
    2. The whole uniform goes into the washer - GENTLE CYCLE
    3. Air dry

    Q: How many concessions must a family work per year?

    Answer: All families are asked to work three (3) concessions per child per year.

    Q: How do i get access to charms?


    1. Goto
    2. Enter churchillhsband for school code
    3. Enter your child's Student ID as the password