WC Travel Consent/Health Form

Due by August 31, 2018


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Date of Birth
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The above‐named student has my permission to participate in school sanctioned activities as a member of the Winston Churchill High School Band and Color Guard during the 2018 ‐ 2017 school year. Students even off‐campus, are still subject to school rules and regulations when participating in Charger Band activities, and, at times, may not be chaperoned / supervised. I understand that any student who does not conduct himself / herself properly may be: 1) Sent home at the parents expense, 2) Prohibited from participating in future activities of this organization and/or, 3) Subject to other disciplinary action. I, the undersigned parent, agree to, and hereby, release and indemnify North East Independent School District and the Band Parents of Winston Churchill HS, Inc., and their respective trustees, directors, officers, employees, sponsors, chaperones, and volunteers (collectively, “The Indemnities”), from any and all claims, cause of ac on, loss of or damage to any property of each student while participating in any activities connected with the Winston Churchill High School Band, including claims, causes of action, expenses and liability caused by or related to the negligence or gross negligence of any of the indemnities. In the event that the above named student is presented for, or requires medical treatment or surgery or any other form of medical care or aid, I parent of the student named above, do hereby authorize the Sponsors / Chaperones to be consulted with, and consent to any medical treatment or care deemed necessary by my doctor, nurse, or other medical personnel. I also guarantee payment of all charges incurred for medical treatment such as, but not limited to physician, hospital, x‐ray, lab, drugs and EMS.